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ken singleton - testimonial

Ken Singleton

Buena Vista, Calif.

“I’d never been around pivots in my life and the dealership was gracious enough to train me on everything – and I mean everything I have more time in my life now that I’m not dedicated to watering all day. I absolutely love the change.”

center pivot - norman brugger testimonial

Norman Brugger

Albion, Neb.

"That Valley pivot has close to 16,000 hours on it – 16,000 or 17,000 – and we can honestly say it’s probably stopped six times. No flat tires, no gearbox trouble, no center drive trouble.”

basestation3 - david segars testimonial

David Segars

Hartsville, S.C.

“BaseStation2 let me monitor and control my pivots from just about anywhere, even from the tractor. BaseStation3 is even better. The mobile app is extremely user-friendly. I’m using it on my iPhone® and iPad® now and hardly ever use my desktop anymore.”

drex gaunnt - testimonial

Drex Gauntt

Wallula, Wash.

“BaseStation has changed the way I farm. I’m able to get more work done with less people. I’m able to have more time at home. I know when there’s an emergency and I know when there are things that can wait and fit my schedule instead of my schedule being dictated by the pivots.”

pumping solutions - ryan christensen testimonial

Ryan Christensen

Royal City, Wash.

“The first one I bought sold me on the value of VFDs. I have a pivot that’s on a very steep elevation, so knowing what the pressure is at the end of that pivot makes a real difference. I switched from a 100 horsepower pump that ran all the time to a 50 horsepower that runs at half speed about half the time. So not only are my crops getting watered evenly now, but my power savings should be phenomenal on that one pump alone.”

tim schmeekle - testimonial

Tim Schmeekle

Gothenburg, Neb.

“John Campbell was just out here showing us some really cool [BaseStation3] features; however, what really impressed me was that he asked us what we really want out of it. It’s nice to know that Valley Irrigation is looking at what the end user needs on a daily basis – not just what some tech guy thinks we should want.”

center pivot - dennis bragg testimonial

Dennis Bragg

Meridianville, Ala.

“When you’re running a pivot and you have a problem, you need it fixed today. We have a very responsive local dealership and their service is second to none.”

lane newman - testimonial

Lane Newman

Monteview, Idaho

“When it’s hot and watering is critical, it’s very important that you have a solid machine and sound replacement parts. When we require more pivots in the future, we plan to buy Valley.”